Our hero. He starts his life as a virtual actor as a tiny polygon and becomes a movie star in the making! Then he travels back to the 1930s for his acting debut. The setting—a boxing arena filled with cheering fans. The story—featherweight Slim vs. heavyweight Killer, a mountain of muscle. Our poor hero must use every trick up his sleeve just to stay in the fight!

Motion capture by Martin Drainville
Voice by Vincent Corazza

Phil & Maria

The colorful duo are virtual hosts extraordinaire, bringing you into the world of virtual actors by building one—Slim—in front of your very own eyes!

Phil Motion capture by Benoit Brière
Voice by Aron Tager

Maria Motion capture by Caroline Ambrose
Voice by Caroline Ambrose


The sleazy promoter. Short in height, but tall in attitude, he will stop at nothing to please the crowd. His three rules for a good fight: entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.

Motion capture by Philippe Bergeron
Voice by André Sogliuzzo


Played by virtual host/actor Phil. Once Slim lands in the stuffy boxing arena in 1932, he's helped by Fats, his loyal friend and coach. Fats is the voice of reason, but Slim doesn’t always listen!

Motion capture by Ronald Houle
Voice by Aron Tager


His name says it all. Legend says he weighed 27 pounds at birth. A 344-pound heavyweight, he has won all of his 43 fights by knockout.

Motion capture by Did Bélizaire
Voice by Kevin Dorsey


Killer's coach. Cigar-chompin', been-there-done-that, seen-it-all kinda fella. Much more colorful than his name, he has only two words of advice for his fighter: "one punch."

Motion capture by Philippe Bergeron
Voice by Kevin Michael Richardson


As geeky as he is intense, we only have one question. Why didn't he stop the fight sooner?! Or maybe he's in cahoots with Shorty.

Motion capture by Philippe Bergeron
Voice by Philippe Bergeron