Here are quotes from reviews on “Adventures in Animation”:

"It's yielding rousing acclaim worldwide."
"No dry moments occur in Adventures in Animation 3D."
"Will score big with all ages."
"45 minutes of fun not to be missed."

-- Hollywood North Report, Vancouver, Canada, February 2005

“Brilliantly composed, carefully, artfully shot.”
“100% entertaining!”

-- Ross Anthony’s Hollywood Report Card, May 2004

"An energetic, kinetic immersion event."
"Hyper-real, and often breathtaking."
"Something commendably different from the standard IMAX® fare."
"A vivid sensory experience."

-- The Age, Australia, December 2004

“It packs an educational wallop.”
“Teachers scouting for an end-of-year excursion need look no further.”

-- Herald Sun, Australia, December 2004