"Adventures in Animation 3D"

Pierre Lachapelle
In 1985, when computer-generated character animation was in its infancy, Pierre Lachapelle garnered international acclaim and a host of awards with his animated short, Tony de Peltrie, which gave the world its first true look into the future of computer-generated characters.

Since then, he has been actively building an elaborate 3D animation studio in Montreal, further advancing state-of-the-art character animation. Some of his accomplishments include many firsts: computer-animated crowd; hair; clothing; and 3D paint.

Lachapelle also understands some of the most exciting acting is "working off" another performer. This led to the creation of the first system in which multiple actors interact using motion capture. He also patented a new "facial motion-capture" technique. A short film, released in the late 90s, showcased these advances, winning many international awards, including a Clio.

Lachapelle's latest creation is the new giant-screen 3D film Adventures In Animation 3D. Several years in development, the film is technically astonishing—populated by vivid characters. It's a spectacular successor to Tony de Peltrie and award-winning short.